Balancing to the Core with the Inner Clarity (IC) Four Bodies Protocol by Debra Greene, Ph.D

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At times, persistent energy imbalances re-occur regardless of our efforts to correct them. In this presentation I describe and demonstrate an effective protocol for accessing the deeper layers of such disturbances. The protocol derives from an energy-based modality called Inner Clarity (IC), which recognizes four energy bodies that comprise the human energy constitution. By using the IC protocol, the deeper mechanisms of an imbalance can be accessed with the assistance of musclemonitoring. Once these deeper mechanisms are laid bare–and brought into conscious awareness–a full and more permanent correction can take place.

We’ve probably all had the experience of encountering certain energy imbalances or patterns that persist; no matter how many times we correct them, they show up again. When this happens it’s a big clue that something is going on at a deeper level. The question is: How to get to this deeper level in a safe and efficient manner? The Four Bodies protocol derived from the Inner Clarity (IC) modality offers a safe and effective step-by-step procedure for going behind the scenes to get to the core of energy imbalances.

The human being is an energy being with many layers forming our personalities and spirits. These energy layers are subject to disturbances created by stored emotions, limiting thought patterns or belief systems. When these disturbances remain in the energy system, they can cause ripple effects into other aspects including the physical body. In an Inner Clarity (IC) process, light-touch kinesiology muscle testing is used as a sensitive feedback tool to access information from the bodymind system to find limiting beliefs and clear out destructive patterns. Because muscle testing responds to words, questions are asked and answers given in a way that disassembles defenses, and interrupts old programming or automatic reactions. IC is a powerful opportunity for self-discovery, transformation, and lasting change.



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