CranioSomatics® for Touch for Health by Dallas Hancock, PhD(c), DC, LMT

Touch for Health is a multi-faceted approach to health and the healing process. From a broad perspective, muscle function is related to many other indicators of general health, from acupuncture meridians to organ function. From a structural perspective, one of the underlying tenets is that posture and muscle function are inextricably related. Although it is acknowledged that there are many factors which can produce inhibited muscle function, this presentation discusses function from the CranioSomatic perspective.

The purpose of this article is to acquaint conference attendees with reciprocal relationships between the position and function of cranial bones and musculoskeletal function throughout the body. Due to the limited time available, this will only be a brief introduction. Practical applications of CranioSomatics in the evaluation and treatment of simple sutural restrictions, cranial sphenobasilar synchondrosis (SBS) strain patterns, and chronic common cranial patterns will be demonstrated.

I became acquainted with TFH in 1974 while attending chiropractic college in Los Angeles. I received my TFH Instructor‟s Certification in 1975 and taught classes for many years thereafter in Florida. For the last 35 years I have used TFH and Applied Kinesiology procedures in my clinical practice on each and every patient that I treat. Each patient treatment session always begins with an evaluation of specific musculoskeletal function and ends when I have successfully strengthened all muscles that I have identified as weak or inhibited.Save



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