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posted in: Muscle Response Feedback | 0 Adam Lehman teaches Muscle Feedback Monitoring, a.k.a. basic muscle testing.   Models of healing and where muscle feedback fits in How to perform precision muscle response feedback, and make sure “the voice” is working every time – and what … Continued

CranioSomatics® for Touch for Health by Dallas Hancock, PhD(c), DC, LMT

Touch for Health is a multi-faceted approach to health and the healing process. From a broad perspective, muscle function is related to many other indicators of general health, from acupuncture meridians to organ function. From a structural perspective, one of … Continued

Balancing to the Core with the Inner Clarity (IC) Four Bodies Protocol by Debra Greene, Ph.D

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At times, persistent energy imbalances re-occur regardless of our efforts to correct them. In this presentation I describe and demonstrate an effective protocol for accessing the deeper layers of such disturbances. The protocol derives from an energy-based modality called Inner … Continued